Why You Should Not Get a Live Blood Cell Test

Although tests done with blood can provide concrete data about your physical condition like nutrition and illness, when it comes to alternative medicine, a live blood cell test does not provide the patient with any valuable information since the procedure is often done by practitioners with very little education in the field of blood analysis. A live blood cell analysis is often called a nutritional blood analysis in alternative medicine which supposedly tells the practitioner about any nutritional deficiencies you may have and if there are any bacteria in your blood. However, most of these practitioners use Darkfield Microscopes for this procedure (often used in red cell blood counts) which cannot be used for blood analysis. They cannot be used for live blood cell analysis because the red color of the blood will be invisible during the examination due to the bright-field examination technique that is used.

What Should I Do Instead?

If you really want to learn about the physical condition of your body, then going to a family doctor is the right choice. They can do a blood count test that will let them know whether your red cells are up in count or down, and if they are down, they can do further tests to find out if it’s because of a nutritional deficiency or an illness. The best way to ensure that you are healthy is to eat food that is fresh, and organic. By avoiding foods that are processed or have added chemicals, you can stave off certain health problems linked to these types of foods. Using vitamins and supplements, as well as essential oils and teas is another great way to keep your body at peak performance.

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