Hypoxia treatment Using Oxygen Concentrators

To counter the effects of high-altitude sickness, arterial PO2 body should return to normal. Acclimatization, the ways that the body adapt to the higher altitude, only partially restore PO2 to the standard level. Hyperventilation, the body’s most common response to the high-altitude conditions, increase alveolar PO2 by increasing the depth and rate of breathing. However, while PO2 does not improve with hyperventilation, not back to normal. Astronomers working at 3000 meters and above shows an increase in alveolar PO2 with full acclimatization, but the level of PO2 remains equal to or even below the threshold for continuous oxygen therapy for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In addition, there are complications involved with acclimatization. Polycythemia, where the body will increase the number of red blood cells in circulation, the blood thickens, increasing the danger that the heart can not pump it.

Under conditions of high altitude, oxygen enrichment can only counteract the effects of hypoxia. By increasing the concentration of oxygen in the air, the effect of low air pressure that reply and arterial PO2 levels restored to normal capacity. A small amount of oxygen reduces the equivalent altitude in climate-controlled rooms. At 4000 m, raise the level of oxygen concentration by 5 percent through oxygen concentrators and existing ventilation systems provide the equivalent altitude of 3000 m, which is far more tolerable for the increasing number of lowlanders who work in the highlands. In a research astronomers working in Chile at 5050 m, oxygen concentrators increase the level of oxygen concentration by almost 30 percent (ie, from 21 percent to 27 percent). This resulted in increased worker productivity, less fatigue, and improved sleep.

Oxygen concentrators are uniquely suited for this purpose. They require little maintenance and electricity, providing a constant source of oxygen, and eliminate costly, and often dangerous task of transporting oxygen cylinders to remote areas. Office and residential own climate-controlled room, where temperature and humidity are kept at a constant level. Oxygen can be added to the system is easy and relatively inexpensive using oxygen concentrators Tavernier FL. One of Oxygen Concentrator machine functions is to assist in breathing problems, including dilute phlegm in the throat which is difficult to remove, blood circulation, destroys the fat that is not needed, helping metabolism, increases immunity of the body, get rid of toxins in the blood, activate cells in brain and relieve fatigue and tension in the body, and rejuvenate the skin to slow down the aging process.

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